Vizsla is the national pride of Hungary. It is one of the best hunting breeds.
For the first time such dogs were mentioned in the middle of the XIII-th century, gradually they received new features and skills. Since the middle of the 19th century, the sport hunting has become popular in Hungary, for which vizsla dogs were used, actively interbreeding them with other breeds – pointers and setters. Therefore, it was possible to get the ancestors of the modern breed.
In the late 70s of the 20th century, the standard of today's vizsla was recognized, the feature of which is the hair resistance to cold and water. Moreover, they are distinguished by their love of swimming.

Weimaraner’s weight is about 25-40 kg
Height at withers
Weimaraner’s height at the withers is about 54-64 cm
Perfect height is 57-62 cm


They are slightly squint. The characteristic colour is brown, with a dark shade.


They are located close to the cheeks, narrowed towards the end.


It is well developed, wide, with moving nostrils. The nose colour is slightly darker than the hair colour, but not dark brown or black.

Teeth, jaws, cheekbones

×Jaws are developed strongly with a dense bite. Cheekbones are characterized by the developed musculature.


It is subject to quartering in countries where this is permitted by law. This is done to protect against the injuries. It is covered with dense hair, located almost horizontally with respect to the back.


The breed is distinguished by the lack of down hair. Basically, the hair is short and stiff, with a softer texture on the ears and head. It emphasizes the breed beauty and grace.


It is characterized by the developed and expressed muscles. The shape is elegant and graceful.


It is distinguished by the smooth and elegant shape and the skull size close to the ideal

Hind legs

They are ideal in shape with the developed musculature.

Front legs

Highly expressed musculature.

Vizsla is distinguished by the ideal obedience and desire to training. And instead of robustness in the training process, the master’s praise plays the main role. This breed is capable of hunting in any of its kinds, because of gaining true pleasure from the process itself. It is distinguished by the attachment to the one master and affectionate attitude. And they everywhere accompany their master, so it's important to have a steady character and really love your pet. If they are not given enough attention, then they can be offended and mischievous. These are dogs that cannot be left alone for a long time. This can lead to harming them to themselves and digging pits in the streets or damaging property in the apartment. In addition, they require constant physical activity and long walks.

It is worth noting that despite the love for children, the dog needs to be watched constantly, because with unfamiliar babies it can scare the child with light biting or knock the baby down.