Weimaraner is a hunting dog that has an incredible grace. It will become an ideal helper for both lovers of hunting and active recreation and for families with children, since “silver ghosts” are very playful, obedient and kind. Peculiarity of the breed is a change in the puppies’ colour and their eyes twice during their growing up.

Weimaraner’s weight is about 25-40 kg
Height at withers
Weimaraner’s height at the withers is about 57-70 cm
Ideal height is 59-67 cm


They have a rounded shape and are of amber colour, in its full spectrum – from bright to dark, and puppies’ eyes are usually light blue in colour.


They stand high at a short distance from each other. They have rounded edges. The shape is a blade of rather large size with rounded edges.


Usually the nasal planum is of a dark colour, and the back part merges almost with the grey colour of the dog.

Teeth, jaws, cheekbones

It has developed cheekbones and jaws, thanks to which the head is beautiful in shape. The bite is similar to the scissors, it is quite dense.


It is in the lowered state or at the back level, depending on the dog’s activity. They are strong in structure.


It refers to shorthaired breeds. Although the hair cover is short, but it is rather stiff and denser and more saturated than in similar breeds. The ears are fringed.


The body is distinguished by the gracefulness and aristocratic shape. They are fit.


The skull is proportional relative to the body. The males are distinguished by the wider heads.

Hind legs

They are of developed musculature, regular shapes and length.

Front legs

They are in the lowered state or at the back level, depending on the dog’s activity. They are strong in structure.

The history of the breed officially dates back to about 2 centuries, but the first ancestors appeared in France in the XIII century. They always accompanied their masters everywhere and were used by noblemen mainly for hunting game. Breeders brought a dog to the German city of Weimar, thanks to the desire of its ruler and the nobles surrounding him to have a dog with a perfect instinct and endurance for constant hunting. For more than a century the standards have been improved, the dogs improved their features and in 1969, the breed standard was recorded in the FCI. The breed is called a “silver ghost” for the dog’s features and colour.

Despite the rather large size and impressive position, these are very moving and kind dogs. This breed is characterized by loyalty to the owner, ease in dealing with people. They should always be next to the owner and not live in the enclosure.