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Welcome to the Point hunt pet site. Our specialization is elite hunting breeds – weimaraner and Hungarian vyzsla. We pay special attention to the breeding work, using the best representatives for breeding. The blood of our dogs took its origin in Hungary, Austria, the USA and Russia. We can be proud of our pets that win and rise on the catwalks at major exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad. The regalia include the title of young champion of the breed, young vice-champion of the world, as well as multiple successes in the championships of Russia, Belarus and Lithuania.

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They are quite active and not aggressive animals. They easily find a common language with people, are very devoted to their master. They are capable of showing tenderness, but they may also be in a bad mood.

Love moving games and walks, so it's best to start them outside the city where there is space and at least relative freedom. As for the character, this dog should not be kept in the enclosure or in the breeding ground.

One of the rare hunting breeds. Initially the ancestors of Weimaraner, in all likelihood, were European Brakks, in particular a Spanish Brakk or Spanish gun dog, and blood hounds (Schweischund). Later, the newly created breed was interbred with the bird gun dogs (Hünerhund).

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